Rocket Factory Augsburg ONE launcher takes maiden flight with LRS contract

3rd Dec 2021
Rocket Factory Augsburg ONE launcher takes maiden flight with LRS contract

Rocket Factory Augsburg to partner with LRS for maiden flight

Rocket Factory Augsburg AG (RFA) have entered into a contract with the Ukraine-based Lunar Research Service to launch their maiden flight. LRS’s research payload will be transported into low Earth orbit by the RFA ONE micro launcher rocket. It will be the first launch undertaken by the Rocket Factory Augsburg ONE micro launcher and will take place in Andoya, Norway, in late 2022. 

RFA supports LRS’s mission with ride-share rocket service

Rocket Factory Augsburg will use its unique RFA ONE micro rocket launcher to deposit LRS’s mission operations in space. The purpose of the LRS’s mission is to test solar concentration equipment that will be used in another upcoming venture. The mission also aims to test out the satellite design and LRS’s deployment features. Speaking about the new contract, LRS CEO, Dmytro Khmara, described his excitement to partner with Rocket Factory Augsburg and the positive benefits of ride-sharing services offered by crafts such as RFA ONE. RFA Chief Commercial Officer, Jorn Spurmann, shared Khmara’s enthusiasm regarding the partnership and the potential for ride-sharing launch services in general.

Industry contract promises great results for both RFA and LRS

The recent agreement between Rocket Factory Augsburg and the Lunar Research Service reflects the original aims of RFA. The company was started in 2018 with the aim to cut the cost of launching rockets into space by creating a smaller launch craft. The RFA ONE meets the company’s criteria for this and makes innovative use of automation and micro-technology. The launcher also offers precise orbital delivery for small payloads, like LRS’s mission tech. LRS is an active testing lab and develops nano-satellites with the aim of improving and streamlining space exploration and space technology. Micro-satellites are ideal for launching on small rockets like the one developed by Rocket Factory Augsburg. 

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