Blue Origin Has an Action Plan For a Space Capsule Landing on a Cactus

25th Nov 2021
Blue Origin Has an Action Plan For a Space Capsule Landing on a Cactus

According to Chris Boshuizen, one of the passengers on board the October Blue Origin tourist flight, the company does some extensive pre-flight training. One of the possible scenarios include landing next to a cactus, and Jeff Bezos’s company has some pretty specific instructions on what to do in this case.

What to Do If Blue Origin Capsule Lands on a Cactus?

In an interview with Insider, Chris Boshuizen shared that the pre-flight training from Blue Origin was pretty intense, even for a former NASA engineer and a current entrepreneur. Despite several landing scenarios involved in the training, Boshuizen seems to be most amused about the event of landing next to a cactus. He adds that there is really nothing a crew can do if a cactus blocks the capsule doors, so the team simply has to stay put and wait for the Blue Origin ground crew. People in steed-clad boots will have to kick the plant away before passengers inside the capsule are allowed to step out.

According to Blue Origin spokesperson, the cactus scenario is, indeed, part of the pre-flight training. Since the capsule lands in the desert using parachutes, such a development is more than likely – even though it has not happened yet. Blue Origin team reviews various flight and landing scenarios to ensure maximum astronaut safety and an enjoyable flight experience.

More About New Shepard Flight in October

Chris Boshuizen was part of the four-member crew that travelled to the edge of space onboard Blue Origin New Shepard carrier on 13th October. Another notable passenger during this flight was Star Trek actor, William Shatner. As usual, the New Shepard journey took 11 minutes before the capsule landed with the help of three parachutes.

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