Recruitment Consultancy PageGroup Will Use Ecometrica Monitoring Platform

22nd Nov 2021
Recruitment Consultancy PageGroup Will Use Ecometrica Monitoring Platform

On 3rd November Ecometrica published a press release about entering a partnership with a recruitment consultancy agency, PageGroup. As a leading environmental consultancy agency, Ecometrica will use its extensive experience to help PageGroup reduce its carbon footprint.

About PageGroup & Its Environmental Goals

PageGroups is one of the largest recruitment consultancy agencies with over 7,000 employees across 37 countries and an annual revenue exceeding £1 billion. The company, due to its office-based operations, does not have a large carbon imprint. Still, PageGroup recognises the danger of growing greenhouse gas emissions and the necessity to take action against climate change. As a large international business, PageGroup is determined to do everything in its power to help fight this common challenge.

The company filed its first Sustainability Report in December 2020. By 2026, it strives to become one of the first zero-carbon businesses. Ecometrica should help PageGroups reach its goals and strengthen its environmental transparency.

Ecometrica & Its Contribution to PageGroup

According to the recently signed agreement, Ecometrica will be helping the recruiting consultancy review its approach to climate governance, as well as assess risks and opportunities in the annual report. To reduce carbon emissions, it is critical to properly document and report them in the first place. To this end, the agency will be using a Sustainability Reporting Platform designed by Ecometrica. The unique platform will help capture environmental data across the company’s offices with little paperwork and fewer manual checks.

As a leading accountability and sustainability tech company, Ecometrica brings together experts in software, operations, and reporting. The company prides itself on demonstrating a profound understanding of climate science, which is reflected in all of Ecometrica’s products. The Ecometrica Platform, now available to PageGroup, is supported by sustainability analysts and is now the top tool for environmental reporting.

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