Celebrating our 1000th published news article: A reflection

18th Nov 2021
Celebrating our 1000th published news article: A reflection

We started this news site as a group of volunteers with a huge interest in space and in particular the UK at a crucial point in becoming a space superpower. More precisely, most of the team are based in Scotland and have a particular interest in the huge opportunity for Scotland as all of the proposed vertical rocket launch sites will be based there – as well as one or two horizontal launch sites.

So, here we are publishing our 1000th article in which we reflect on some of the biggest exclusive stories we have covered since our inception.

OrbitalToday’s editorial policy

Our editorial policy is to publish three main areas of space news. Regular updates on what is happening in the global space sector make up the bulk of our published articles. Secondly, we also create regular features and profiling articles on prominent people in the space industry. Our third area of coverage is undertaken by our investigative journalists who look deeper into companies or organisations that are potentially harming the prospect of the UK’s new space ambitions. It is typically those more investigative articles that get the most traction and are definitely the most read.

We have, over a fairly short period of time amassed a significant readership with a global presence as the world watches the UK’s journey into new space and people around the earth seek regular updates on how that journey is going.

Here are some of our best bits…

October 2021:

The space industry is growing four times faster than the rest of the UK economy and accounts for 7% of the global space market, but with the commissioning of the first UK spaceports, this figure is expected to grow even further. Over the past ten years, the UK space sector has grown by almost 400 … Continue reading
German rocket manufacturer, Isar Aerospace got a welcome boost recently when it announced it was in receipt of a $75 million investment cheque from luxury car maker Porsche, which was in fact just part of the overall financing round totalling $165m. This gave Porsche (in their words) “a low single-digit share in Isar”. Continue reading

March 2021:

Almost one year ago we published a number of articles following an “unusual” investment announcement by the Shetland Space Centre. The centre defended the investment at the time and said they were satisfied that it was legitimate, while also declaring that they had received the funds. Well, things have just taken a very odd turn. Continue reading

June 2021:

As we continue to monitor the progress of all the proposed spaceports and launch companies across the UK, it was always clear that some were making significantly more progress than others. This is applicable to both the launch companies and the spaceports. And whilst some are more open about their progress … Continue reading

May 2021:

Part 1: UK money creating jobs in Denmark & Germany In our first of a series of stories in which we explore some of the interesting developments that bring the UK to where it is in its journey to space. This chapter tells the story of two men who attempted to raise funds … Continue reading

June 2020:

While we try to remain positive about the UK’s space ambitions and the efforts to reach the point where we are actively competing on the world stage in this exciting and ambitious sector, it is often difficult when you start seeing the cracks forming and questioning the motives of some of those involved. Continue reading

January 2021:

Earlier in the month, we reported on a development by Edinburgh-based launch company, Skyrora Ltd. as they shared news of the third stage of their Skyrora XL launcher. This was quite a considerable news story and one that even we didn’t realise was of such significance and importance to the overall progress of the UK’s … Continue reading
Since our article on the UK Space Consortium (published Monday 8th June 2020 – https://orbitaltoday.com/2020/06/08/cracks-starting-to-show-in-uk-space-consortium-as-they-criticise-local-council-government/) where we highlighted some of the consortium’s claims that didn’t quite add up, we have been inundated with messages and info, so we have brought this together with our own research to bring you a follow on the report. Continue reading
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