Scotland Space Innovators to Play a Primary Role in Combating Climate Change

15th Nov 2021
Scotland Space Innovators to Play a Primary Role in Combating Climate Change

Scotland space offers a helping hand to improve the solutions to protect the environment. Climate emergency was one of the issues discussed by a panel of experts at Holyrood magazine’s COP26 fringe event. During the session, attendees were able to learn how space tech will help combat the rampant climate change.

Gillian Docherty from The Data Lab chaired the panel. Also in attendance were Phillipa Vigano from NatureScot, Peter Clutton-Brock from the Centre for AI and Climate, Dr Scott Steedman from BSI, and The Scottish Government representative, Jeremy Darot.

During the session, an audience member posed a question to Phillipa about the role of NatureScot in fighting climate change. Phillipa responded by stating that NatureScot is an expert in fighting climate change. However, they need partnerships with members of Scotland space technology for more effective solutions.

Scotland Space Technology Innovators are Key to Fighting Climate Change

Collaborating with tech innovators in different sectors is crucial to doing impactful work. For instance, there’s the use of AI technology to boost mapping efforts in Scotland. The data will enable the organisation to thoroughly analyse the natural capital that experienced undervaluing in the past. Now, the goal is to understand land use in the area to restore the natural habitat. NatureScot is currently using data derived from Scotland space technology and AI innovators.

This data is crucial to analyse the health of peat bogs by checking the land height over a certain period. The information will reveal the volume of carbon dioxide and water being absorbed by the peat bogs.

In addition, the panel of Dr Steedman from BSI addressed the issue of trust amongst all players in Scotland’s space industry. Scotland space innovators must create trust with the consumers by being open and responsive.

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