Good News for Scotland’s Space Industry as the University of Strathclyde Joins the IAF

15th Nov 2021
Good News for Scotland’s Space Industry as the University of Strathclyde Joins the IAF

The University of Strathclyde has taken Scotland’s space industry a notch higher by joining the IAF. The IAF is one of the biggest advocacies for space exploration worldwide. The IAF unites members from 71 countries with a total number of 400 members. The list includes museums, space agencies, institutes, companies, associations, research centres, and universities.

The University of Strathclyde has been making strides in Scotland’s space industry. The Director of Aerospace Centre of Excellence, Professor Massimiliano Vasile, presented the university’s space cluster at a recent global event.

Innovations in space technologies are one of the capabilities of the university. This is evident within the Glasgow City Innovation District, where they do crucial research on innovative ideas and solutions for space systems such as next-generation rockets.

The University of Strathclyde Delighted to Join the IAF and Boost Scotland’s Space

Professor Vasile expressed the university’s delight after joining the IAF as a member. It shows the excellent research work taking place in the space cluster at the university.

He also added that the recognition is proof of the university’s advantageous position in terms of business support for companies that want to explore space in terms of business potential. The university had a total of 26 delegates attending the International Astronautical Congress in Dubai.

The membership will boost Scotland’s space industry as there’s room for more partnerships and discussions. Companies and agencies can come together to grow the industry further. Plus, there’s also the opportunity for students and staff to receive crucial funding.

There’s a boom taking place in Scotland’s space industry, whose economy is estimated to grow by £4 billion by 2030. At the moment, the majority of the satellites made in Europe originate from Glasgow.

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