Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos Speaks About the Earth’s Fragility at COP26

11th Nov 2021
Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos Speaks About the Earth’s Fragility at COP26

Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos attended this year’s COP26 held in Glasgow. Bezos shared his thoughts after viewing the Earth from space and urged everyone to stand together to ‘protect our world.’ However, despite Bezos’s inspiring speech, the public still takes Blue Origin founder’s bold claims with a grain of salt.

Blue Origin Founder’s Speech During COP26

Earlier this year, Jeff Bezos travelled to the edge of space aboard his New Shepard spacecraft, marking an important step in the age of human spaceflights. According to the Blue Origin founder, the trip gave him a new perspective on our planet.

Bezos stated he knew that seeing the Earth from space makes many people change their perspective on our planet, but he was never prepared for how radical those changes could be. Blue Origin founder mentioned how fragile the Earth looked from above, how thin its atmosphere seemed, and how finite our world appeared from above. With this in mind, Jeff Bezos urged people to stand together to protect our planet.

Jeff Bezos’s Contribution to Earth Fund & Public Criticism

Despite Blue Origin founder’s speech at COP 26 and his multi-billion dollar contributions to the Bezos Earth Fund, striving for more sustainable use of our planet’s resources, the public is still critical of the businessman. Just recently, Bezos pledged another $2 billion to the Earth Fund to fight deforestation and restore landscapes in the US and Africa.

However, the billionaire arrived at COP26 on his private jet, which goes against COP initiatives to reduce carbon emissions worldwide – pretty much like Bezos’s idea of space tourism. Besides, the former Amazon CEO has been publicly criticized for not making enough to fight climate change. On the other hand, the latest trip to space could have changed Blue Origin’s founder thoughts on climate change as Jeff Bezos pledged to make Amazon carbon-neutral by 2040.

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