Scottish space firm AstroAgency specialising in marketing intelligence attracts new clients

9th Nov 2021
Scottish space firm AstroAgency specialising in marketing intelligence attracts new clients

AstroAgency, a Scottish space firm founded in 2019, is rapidly developing along with Scotland’s space sector. The company has attracted plenty of high-profile clients and is looking to expand its client base even further.

What Does The Scottish Space Firm Specialise In?

AstroAgency is an Edinburgh-based marketing intelligence firm with a focus on space research and innovation. The company is currently a fully-remote business with 23 team members working across different space and government agencies, including the UKSA, Prestwick Spaceport, Deploy Solutions, and ROOM Space Journal.

Currently, the Scottish space firm is looking to hire at least three new members to its marketing team – preferably from Europe. The decision to expand followed winning briefs for the US space data.

AstroAgency CEO on Further Company Development

Daniel Smith, the Scottish space firm founder, shared some of his vision to further AstroAgency’s development during the Chair of Space Scotland forum. According to Mr Smith, AstroAgency aims to fill the gap between messaging, positioning, and promotions in the space sector.

Daniel adds that the team consists of highly qualified space experts who have a profound understanding of the industry and the best ways to develop it. The team can advise stakeholders on risks and opportunities, highlighting further opportunities for growth.

The AstroAgency CEO adds that, unlike most other marketing firms, the company mostly consists of scientists and engineers with a profound understanding of the space sector and its importance for the economy.

Smith touched on the UK’s space ambitions, claiming that the AstroAgency team shares the government’s vision of developing this promising niche. He specifically mentioned the importance of space data analysis for business and the environment. Wrapping up, the Scottish space firm CEO announced that AstroAgency is determined to continue its rapid and sustainable growth by expanding its client base internationally.

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