Rocket Factory Augsburg lands multiple launch agreements in Dubai

5th Nov 2021
Rocket Factory Augsburg lands multiple launch agreements in Dubai

This October, Rocket Factory Augsburg co-signed two important deals in Dubai, one with Neutron Star Systems and one with Plus Ultra Space Outpost. The launch company has agreed to carry out two separate launch missions during Q3 of 2023. Rocket Factory Augsburg will help launch a demonstrator mission for Neutron Star Systems where the new-space start-up can show off their SUPREME thruster technology. The second launch will initialise Plus Ultra’s cislunar constellation “Harmony” with their first satellite.

Rocket Factory Augsburg pleased with the co-signed deal

Rocket Factory Augsburg representatives have shared that the company is glad to be joining forces with Neutron Star Systems to test the readiness of their SUPREME thruster technology. According to Chief Commercial Officer Jörn Spurmann, the team is proud to support Neutron Star Systems and its mission with the potential to disrupt satellite propulsion.

The SUPREME advanced tech has the potential to overcome certain problems currently present in tech used on modern satellites. If the company can demonstrate that its tech is a better fit for future constellations, it could secure funding for mass production.

Chief Executive Officer of NSS, Manuel La Rosa Betancourt, also shared that the company is dedicated to expanding the current technological level in Europe and will continue doing so for as long as possible.

The demonstrator mission is currently scheduled for Q3 2023.

Rocket Factory Augsburg to launch Plus Ultra premier satellite

RFA signed another deal in Dubai with Plus Ultra Space Outpost. The launch company has agreed to launch Plus Ultra’s first satellite into a geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO). Once in orbit, the satellite will use its own propulsion tech to position itself into lunar orbit. This will be the beginning of Plus Ultra’s cislunar constellation “Harmony” and also set a record for the first private orbiter with electric propulsion orbiting the Moon.

The Harmony constellation will allow for on-demand commercial communications and navigation services, creating a market for future lunar missions. The satellite is expected to reach operational orbit some point in 2024. After setting up, the constellation will provide uninterrupted 24/7, high-speed broadband communications capable of reaching 100 Mbps between the Moon and Earth.

This opportunistic business plan comes ahead of more than 40 lunar missions planned for this decade, setting an unprecedented style of communication in space – one where communication and navigation are not a scarce resource but something to be sold.

Rocket Factory Augsburg has scheduled the satellite launch for Q3 2023.

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