The First Ariane 5 Rocket Launched Carries Two Satellites Simultaneously

4th Nov 2021
The First Ariane 5 Rocket Launched Carries Two Satellites Simultaneously

The Ariane 5 rocket launched successfully on 23rd October 2021, at 10:10 GMT, carrying out the first-ever super heavy cargo mission. The rocket carried two satellites, weighing a total of 11.2 tonnes, setting a new record for the French rocket provider, not only in weight but in height. The rocket stands as the tallest launch vehicle manufactured by Arianespace. The Ariane 5 rocket launched from Guiana Space Center in Kourou and was commissioned by SES and the French military.

Ariane 5 rocket launched with one commercial communications satellite and a military one

The Ariane 5 rocket launched with valuable cargo – a commercial satellite commissioned by SES and a French military satellite intended for communications.

The SES-17 communications satellite, constructed by Thales Alenia Space, is a high-throughput communications satellite built to gather, store, and relay information from North America and South America to across the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean. The satellite sends data via a high-speed Ka-band and utilises a geosynchronous orbit. An official SES statement announced that the satellite would allow for the high-speed transfer of data across a variety of segments, such as aviation, military, governmental facilities, and others.

The second satellite’s launch with Ariane 5 is a military satellite, Syracuse 4A. The device was also constructed by Thales Alenia Space and will be used to connect all French military regiments.

The satellites launch schedule had to be delayed due to a “red condition”

The Ariane 5 rocket launched with a slight delay due to irregularities with the ground systems of the launch pad. A tech team analysed and located the anomaly which had prevented the satellites launch attempt. While the anomaly might not have caused a serious malfunction of the rocket or the satellites launch, the official statement assured the press that the tech team would rather delay the satellites launch than risk damage to the vehicle and cargo.

Both satellites launch with Ariane 5 rocket were deployed successfully and managed to send its cargo into orbit.

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