Gilmour Space Technologies Seeks Approvals for a Rocket Launch Site in Australia

4th Nov 2021
Gilmour Space Technologies Seeks Approvals for a Rocket Launch Site in Australia

Gilmour Space Technologies issued a public statement sharing information regarding the future plans of the company. It turns out that the Australian rocket company is seeking governmental approval for the construction of a new Australian rocket launch site located at Abbot Point. This decision is key towards the company’s growth since it would bridge the gap between construction and the launch provider. Gilmour Space Technologies specialises in developing low-cost launch rockets which use a hybrid propulsion system. The launch site will allow Gilmour Space Technologies to both construct the vehicles and be in charge of its own launch schedule.

Gilmour Space Technologies needs several governmental approvals before construction can begin

Chief executive Adam Gilmour said that the staff and investors in the rocket launch company are excited, but there are several hurdles along the way before the company can launch rockets. For construction to begin, Gilmour Space Technologies needs to secure several key approvals from the Queensland government and the Australian Space Agency to launch rockets. While the company waits for the green light, the tech team has already completed designs for the assembly building, fuel storage, and launch site.

The future of rocket launch missions is to transport satellites

The satellite launch business is booming. Expected revenue from satellite constellation missions should be $3.65 billion by 2030. The new Australian spaceport to launch rockets will focus on cargo missions and positioning small (nano) satellites into orbit rather than completing ‘tourism’ joyrides. Adam Gilmour expressed his excitement over the project, claiming that there is a wide market for the platform. He said that space tourism is definitely on the cards for the future, it won’t be the company’s main goal.

The rocket launch site Gilmour Space Technologies wants to build will help revitalise Bowen’s economy, bringing plenty of job opportunities as well as local tourism.

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