Gilmour Space Technologies with 3D Printing Is Now at the Heart of Australia’s New Space Manufacturing

30th Oct 2021
Gilmour Space Technologies with 3D Printing Is Now at the Heart of Australia’s New Space Manufacturing

Today’s private space industry constantly continues to reinvent itself, creating a huge boom around the world in investment, orbital milestones and 3D Printing in space technology. Many countries have been working hard on leveraging their own space sectors, and one of these is Australia. It’s a country that has several emerging space start-ups, and the country has poured tens of millions of dollars into facilitating launch sites, creating space-related PR programmes and of course, developing space manufacturing technology. Gilmour Space Technologies is one company that has tried to do a lot for the Australian space sector.

Gilmour Space Technologies on the Australian map

Gilmore Space Technologies showcasing some of their 3D printed rocket parts.

Because of the growing market opportunities for space services and products, over 30 Australian universities, space manufacturers and supply chain firms have created an Australian Space Manufacturing Network (ASMN). Right at the head of it are Gilmour Space Technologies, an Australian space manufacturer. The coalition will provide infrastructure and a framework needed to collaborate, attract investment in the space sector, create jobs and advance Australian space exploration.

3D Printing – the new way forward

Gilmour Space Technologies has so far managed to fund over AU$88 million since 2012. Now they are one of the largest sovereign developers of low-cost hybrid launch vehicles. Right at the heart of its new plans for technological development is 3D printing. Gilmour Space Technologies want to create space components and high-performance rocket parts by printing them using 3D printing technology. The company has currently received over $3 million of investment into 3D printing alone. Will these plans be successful? Only time will tell.

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