Prince William Comments on Blue Origin Flight Plans

29th Oct 2021
Prince William Comments on Blue Origin Flight Plans

It seems like Blue Origin is finding themselves in hot water recently in regards to public opinion. The opinion regarding the first space tourism flights has turned for the worst as billionaires seem to compete against each other rather than use their influence to make a change for the better. Prince William seems to agree with the general public.

Prince William chides Blue Origin for opening the floor to ‘the great billionaire race’

Blue Origin's Space Passenge vehicle
Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin passenger vehicle that took the billionaire into space.

The Duke of Cambridge spoke openly to the BBC last week regarding his concern about the state of space exploration today. The prince also commented on the price of admission to reach space – beginning at $400,000 and reaching an astronomical $1 million for a single Blue Origin flight. In his opinion, this price symbolises the problem with the space tourism system: a short joyride for the unimaginably wealthy. Blue Origin has said that there isn’t a way to reduce the price of admission without sacrificing the safety and efficiency of each rocket. Bezos has also been under fire regarding the carbon footprint that such trips leave on the environment.

When asked if he would be interested in flying with Blue Origin or another rocket launcher, William said he had no interest in leaving Earth.

Latest Blue Origin flight takes William Shatner to space

The 90-year-old actor took a ride on Blue Origin’s rocket last week, a flight that was fully broadcasted to the public. The sight of Commander Kirk floating in the gravity-free cabin warmed the hearts of millions. “What you have given me is the most profound experience I can imagine. I’m so filled with emotion about what just happened.” Shatner said shortly after landing back on Earth.

This marked Blue Origin’s flight becoming the second successful space tourist launch, with a third one planned for later this year.

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