Skyrora is Delighted by the UK Government National Space Strategy

26th Oct 2021
Skyrora is Delighted by the UK Government National Space Strategy

Skyrora’s CEO, Volodymyr Levykin, is happy with a new move by the UK government that will transform the industry. The National Space Strategy by Westminster details the impact of the industry on the economy.

This strategy will also ensure the country has a top seat in the emerging sector. The promise is to transform the country into a technology and science leader. This will be accomplished using expert researchers coupled with top-notch businesses and education.

All this is in line with the global space sector estimated to reach 490 million pounds by 2030. After the recent growth in the US industry, the national strategy aims to accomplish the same in the UK. Some companies in the US have already launched rockets in line with their space tourism goals.

Skyrora’s CEO Believes National Space Strategy Will Foster Further Investment

Skyrora CEO, Volodymyr Levykin
Edinburgh-based Skyrora CEO, Volodymyr Levykin welcomes the progress from UK government.

The announcement of the move by the national government paints a clearer future for the industry. There’s more clarity in terms of the direction those in the sector will take in the country. It’s the best way to catapult the country to the top of the pyramid.

Many private companies are making immense changes in terms of what is possible in the space industry. This is quite evident around the world. Skyrora had been urging the national government to develop a sense of direction for the sector for quite some time.

The new blueprint is quite a delight for Volodymyr Levykin and his team to create more jobs, transform the economy, and better hold the global sector. This will give the UK a chance to become a superpower, and Skyrora will benefit immensely from this move.

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