Blue Origin Lags behind SpaceX Says American Physicist Michio Kaku

26th Oct 2021
Blue Origin Lags behind SpaceX Says American Physicist Michio Kaku

When placed side by side, SpaceX is miles ahead of Blue Origin. Recently, American Physicist Michio Kaku stated the Elon Musk’s company is at the top of the industry when comparing SpaceX vs. Blue Origin. This is thanks to its ability to finish ISS (International Space Station) missions and other accomplishments.

Kaku stated that SpaceX is winning the ‘battle of the billionaires.’ While Bezos has been to orbit, Musk is already selling tickets to the Moon. A Japanese billionaire bought all the tickets for the first flight.

American Physicists States SpaceX is Destroying Blue Origin

Blue Origin
Blue Origin is behind SpaceX by a considerable distance.

In recent years, SpaceX has launched multiple missions to orbit with a crew on board. In addition, the company was the first to launch an Earth-orbiting mission with an all civilian crew. This was the Inspiration4 mission that saw the civilians spend 3 days in space.

Currently, the company is also working towards a NASA human-crewed mission to the Moon. The event will happen in 2024.

A contrast to this massive success is Blue Origin’s launch of civilians to orbit. The launch, which included the famed actor William Shatner, only lasted 3 and half minutes. When the time was up, the rocket returned to Earth.

The Inspiration 4 mission went on for 3 days with civilians on board. It’s clear who the winner is when comparing SpaceX vs. Blue Origin. The goal is to land on the Moon and not spend a few minutes in orbit.

As for William Shatner going to space, Kaku said this was a good development. It shows there are more chances for elderly space explorers. Shatner is 90 years old and sets a precedent for many other aspiring travellers. Blue Origin is yet to conduct a longer mission to orbit.

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