Stefan Tweraser is the New Boss of Rocket Factory Augsburg

25th Oct 2021
Stefan Tweraser is the New Boss of Rocket Factory Augsburg

Social Scientist Stefan Tweraser is the new head of Rocket Factory Augsburg. The company has hired a former Google manager, going outside the space industry to fill the position. Tweraser holds a doctorate in social and economic sciences.

Before taking over at RFA, he was working with Deezer, a French music streaming enterprise. He’s also worked with SnapShot, a hotel technology business, and Google Germany from 2008 to 2013.

Upcoming Plans at Rocket Factory Augsburg

RFA is a product of 3 parent companies coming together to form the enterprise in Germany. The three German enterprises major in craft construction and compete with one another. The intention is to start satellite deployment soon.

Plans are underway for premium launch vehicles delivery in 2022. Stefan Tweraser has some big shoes to fill. Some of the company’s previous bosses are Stefan Breschek and Jorn Spurmann. Still, he must be ready soon since RFA already has customers lining up for its launch services.

But, RFA is facing some stiff competition in the ever-growing launch industry. At the moment, 160 plus start-ups are offering the same services to customers across the world. Still, RFA is in an excellent position to provide the best service, thanks to its parent companies.

Its major shareholder, OHB, can offer customers complete services. They can have their pick of satellites and vehicles to use in the events. Not to mention the ability of RFA to offer cheap crafts with one already being manufactured.

Rocket Factory Augsburg is the only European space vehicle manufacturing company with a tested engine under development. The Rocket Factory Augsburg engine relies on fuel pumps to deliver exhaust gas to thrust.

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