Gilmour Space Technologies Partners with Amaero International to Manufacture Rocket Parts

25th Oct 2021
Gilmour Space Technologies Partners with Amaero International to Manufacture Rocket Parts

Amaero International (3DA) has entered into a 3-year deal with Gilmour Space Technologies to manufacture rocket parts for the company. These parts will come in handy for Gilmour Space Technologies on its missions to prepare vehicles for future launches.

As a result of the partnership, Gilmour Space Technologies will pay an undisclosed fee for the parts. The sum will also include manufacturing services.

Amaero International snagged the lucrative partnership with GST after producing and delivering several rocket components. This took place over a year, after which the two enterprises signed the 3-year deal.

Gilmour Space Technologies CEO Praises Amaero International

Adam Gilmour, co-founder, and CEO of GST expressed his delight in working with Amaero. He stated that Amaero International has the capacity and know-how to help his company achieve its set goal. The goal is to provide cheap, reliable, and effective launches to orbit.

GST has a focus on being the first to deliver the latest propulsion technologies that are pretty innovative. These will offer cheaper access to LEO (low Earth orbit) through local launch capacities.

Amaero CEO Barrie Finnin also expressed his satisfaction with the partnership. He stated that his company aims at growing its relationship with GST as the latter develops further launch capabilities. He added that the company is crucial for Amaero operations in Australia.

The agreement between the two enterprises creates a framework for a long-term partnership. 3DA estimates the deal will generate estimated revenue valued at $1.7 billion over the 3 years. Amaero Space will start manufacturing the components for Gilmour Space Technologies at the end of 2021.

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