Blue Origin’s Spaceflight Breaks a Whopping Four Guinness Records in One Trip

13th Oct 2021
Blue Origin’s Spaceflight Breaks a Whopping Four Guinness Records in One Trip

The Blue Origin’s Spaceflight left a mark on human history this July when billionaire Jeff Bezos and company took a short but memorable journey into space with New Shepard. Despite the public turning slightly sour at the obvious display of fortune that Mr. Bezos boasted with this trip, the all-civilian flight to space is truly one for the history books. On top of being the first of its kind, the voyage also managed to break four Guinness records here on Earth.

The Blue Origin’s spaceflight left a mark on history

Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, Wally Funk, and Oliver Daemen became the first crew to leave Earth’s atmosphere in an all-civilian joyride into space, marking a rather heavy page in the history books. Turns out that Blue Origin’s Spaceflight has not one but four reasons to be proud, according to Guinness.

Jeff and Mark Bezos became the first brothers to be in space together. When approached for comment on the record-breaking, Jeff Bezos smiled and said that he wouldn’t have it any other way. I guess it pays to have good connections (or relatives).

The second record was broken by Wally Funk, who became the oldest person to reach space at the age of 82. This trip had always been the aviation pioneer’s dream.

The third record broken by Blue Origin’s Spaceflight belongs to Oliver Daemen. The lucky young man became the youngest person to ever go to space at the age of 18. The teen has always been fascinated by space, space exploration, and engineering.

The fourth and final record belongs to Blue Origin’s New Shepard itself. On 20th July, the rocket became the first spacecraft to carry paying customers to space.

Does Blue Origin’s spaceflight mark the beginning of space tourism?

While many might furrow their brows at the sheer extravagance of billionaires going to space, Blue Origin’s spaceflight is an important step that our species managed to take. Space is a vast place with many beautiful and dangerous anomalies yet to be explored or observed. For the better of mankind, let’s hope there are many more trips like this in the coming years so that we can also reach and marvel at the stars.

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