Boris Johnson Speaks about New UK Spaceport Cornwall and ‘Levelling up’ Agenda

7th Oct 2021
Boris Johnson Speaks about New UK Spaceport Cornwall and ‘Levelling up’ Agenda

The British Government wants to show its dedication to the space sector by announcing additional funding for the foreseeable feature – from the additional UK launch sites, including Spaceport Cornwall, to environmentally conscious satellites.

A new UK Spaceport is only the first step

The UK has certainly stepped up its game when it comes to the space race. Earlier this year, we received an announcement that the government will be subsidising companies that prioritise sustainable energy over fossil fuels for space technology. We saw the Scottish court rule in favor of a UK Spaceport on the country’s west coast using crofting land for future launches.

Now, the government is ‘leveling up’ with a new agenda that will target the long-term vision for how the UK will strengthen its space research and exploration options.

Boris Johnson’s spokesperson said: “We’ll harness space technology to solve problems on Earth, creating jobs and levelling up across the UK”. The government has hinted at additional UK Spaceports being developed in Cornwall in order to match the demand for satellites and launchers.

The first satellite launched from a UK Spaceport Cornwall is scheduled for 2022.

The new UK Spaceport Cornwall plan will benefit the military

Ben Wallace, Defence Secretary, has stated that the government plan for building an additional UK Spaceport will also benefit the Military sector. According to him, space tech is now fundamental for the Armed Forces as well as commercial and civilian activities.

The new “Space Bridge” developed will serve to expand the ties between Australia and the UK. The bridge will allow both countries to exchange data at a much faster speed as well as expand their surveillance network. It’s still not known whether additional UK Spaceport sites, particularly Spaceport Cornwall, will be required to launch the bridge satellites.

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