Billionaire Povlsen speaks out about his disappointment over Spaceport Sutherland

1st Oct 2021
Billionaire Povlsen speaks out about his disappointment over Spaceport Sutherland

Sutherland Spaceport won a substantial victory in court against the Povlsen family recently when a Scottish Court approved the use of croft land for spacecraft launches. The decision was met with enthusiasm from Melness Crofters’ Estate representatives, who expressed their desire to help create job opportunities for the local community. Povlsen did not share this enthusiasm.

Povlsen claims Spaceport Sutherland will do more harm than good

The billionaire owns substantial land in Sutherland, as well as Glenfeshie Estate. When approached for an interview by the Badenoch and Strathspey Herald, Mr. Povlsen expressed his concern for the well-being of farm and livestock land surrounding the future UK Spaceport site.

Povlsen claims that his family is well, even though a little sad about losing a big beautiful landscape that is due to become a place for rocket launches. When asked to elaborate on his negative attitude towards the Sutherland Spaceport, the billionaire only stated that there would be more negative than positive sides to building a UK spaceport in Sutherland.

The court ruled in favour of Spaceport Sutherland with the added caveat that owners of fields adjacent to the site must be allowed to use the fields whenever they want.

New job opportunities for Sutherland community

Mr. Povlsen’s disappointment with the decision is in stark contrast with other landowners who praised Orbex Space for bringing new opportunities to a slightly stagnant community. Community representatives hope that not only will Sutherland Spaceport create new job opportunities, but it will help attract tourism and new business opportunities.

The elephant in the room remains: is the Danish billionaire worried about the negative impact of the Spaceport Sutherland on the community or the small loss of profit that his company will struggle through?

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