and Virgin Orbit will research and deploy AI-powered satellites

1st Oct 2021 and Virgin Orbit will research and deploy AI-powered satellites

Virgin Orbit President and CEO, Dan Hart, announced on 17th Sept. that the company has formed an alliance with the leading provider of artificial intelligence tech and machine learning, The agreement will see Virgin Orbit tech outfitted with the latest artificial intelligence software that will boost the capabilities of existing satellite launchers.

A new step for artificial intelligence and satellite launch services

Dr. Reggie Brothers, Chief Executive Officer at, has disclosed that the partnership will generate annual recurring revenue for both companies as they combine their existing technologies. According to him, is excited about supporting Virgin and its mission to make space more accessible. The company is delighted to work with the launch provider and make Virgin tech more powerful. engineers have already begun studying new ways to improve Virgin Orbit hardware. The Decision Dominance platform has already been implemented to support Virgin Orbit through the deployment of mobile assets in the field, powered by AI. Both companies will work towards developing applications that can be used not only by orbital drones, satellites, and launchers, but also by actual astronauts in the field. These applications will be able to analyse ground material, automatically calculate and map out land, as well as monitor climate anomalies in space.

CEO of Virgin Orbit excited to work with AI giant.

Dan Hart, the President and CEO of Virgin Orbit, has shared his excitement about doing business with the tech company. He claims that the Virgin team is very pleased to work with and bring their proprietary horizontal launch tech to clients worldwide. Hart adds that is a true leader in AI, intelligence, and analysis.

With the new assets on board, Virgin Orbit will be able to create better rapid launch vehicles and reduce costs on obsolete data analysis technology.

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