Amazon and Blue Origin founder, Jeff Bezos, donates $1B to preserve biodiversity

1st Oct 2021
Amazon and Blue Origin founder, Jeff Bezos, donates $1B to preserve biodiversity

When Blue Origin owner Jeff Bezos launched into space some two months ago, he expected to see the vastness of space and the awe-inspiring grandness of the cosmos; what he didn’t expect was to gaze back down to Earth and feel the urge to protect a damaged world.

The expensive joy-ride into space has shown the Blue Origin owner the frailty of Earth’s nature

The incredibly wealthy billionaire has taken the first step in fulfilling his pledge of financing $10 billion towards philanthropy by donating $1 billion to protect biodiversity, the Congo Basin, and the Pacific Ocean.

Following his return to Earth, Jeff Bezos shared with reporters and fans that the trip had enlightened him. He claims that the trip on board of the Blue Origin spacecraft has reminded him of nature’s fragility. Jeff Bezos adds that he heard observing the Earth from space changes one’s perception of our home planet, but the Blue Origin founder claims that he was not prepared for such a major change.

Is Jeff Bezos’s financial support coming too late?

While the $1 billion donation will certainly help get the gears rolling towards helping nature heal, it’s hard not to remember that Amazon has contributed a fair share of damage to the ecosystem. Amazon’s carbon footprint has grown nearly double since 2018. Last year, global carbon emissions fell by 7%, while Amazon’s emissions grew by 19%.

Facing harsh criticism from environmentalists and the media, Amazon has attempted to reduce carbon emissions by switching their regular transport vehicles to electric ones. They’ve also come up with the Climate Pledge, a corporate commitment that promises to reduce emissions to near-zero by 2040.

While the sentiment is real, it’s also hard not to notice that Jeff Bezos’ rocket fuel emissions are toxic to the environment. So only one question remains: is Blue Origin founder trying to do good by nature, or is he cleaning up a guilty mess and attempting to repair his own damaged reputation?

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