Very Slim Majority of Digital Readers Support the UK Spaceport in Sutherland

21st Sep 2021

A majority of online readers who read the John O’Groat Journal support the development of the Sutherland Spaceport. The journal recently did a poll that involved their digital readers being asked if they support or don’t support the development.

Many want it to proceed, which is in line with the recent ruling after a judicial review. The Sutherland spaceport was facing opposition from a local landowner stating it would significantly impact the environment and wildlife.

But, a local court ruled the Highland Council did follow all the rules when it gave planning permission for the project. 1500 digital readers took part in the poll held from 27th August-3rd September.

The Journal posed the question: Do you back the development of the Sutherland Space Hub on the A’Mhoine Peninsula? The results showed 52% of the participants were for it while 48% opposed its construction. Which most definitely isn’t an overwhelming sign of support, but rather a sign that the community is almost evenly split on the matter.

Development of the Sutherland Spaceport to Continue

Billionaire Anders Povlsen was the main force against the launch site being set up in the A’Mhoine Peninsula. He stated this would lead to a severe impact on the natural environment and wildlife. He went to court through one of his companies to appeal the Highland Council decision to grant planning permission.

A judicial review was set up to see if the council listened to all the issues facing the development. Recently, the court upheld the decision leading to the landowner conceding defeat. Members of his legal team stated they didn’t plan to appeal the decision again.

Plans are now underway to build the Sutherland spaceport and host the first vertical rocket launch from the UK soil.

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