UK Spaceport Cornwall Enters into a Partnership with the MILO Institute

21st Sep 2021
UK Spaceport Cornwall Enters into a Partnership with the MILO Institute

Spaceport Cornwall has entered into a partnership with the MILO Institute. The MILO Institute is the brainchild of Arizona State University. This is a collective that has had its mark in the advancement of the space industry since the 1960s.

The institute continues to garner much support for its space exploration vision from companies like Lockheed Martin. NASA selected Lockheed Martin to deliver payloads to the Moon in line with the CLPS (Commercial Lunar Payload Services) contract.

The growing discussion about the upcoming mission has Spaceport Cornwall at the forefront. The Cornwall area is part of the advancement of the UK space agenda. Soon, Virgin Orbit plans to launch the UK’s first rocket to space horizontally from the Cornwall Newquay Airport.

Spaceport Cornwall Collaboration with MILO Institute is Crucial

The new collaboration between the UK spaceport and the Institute will be crucial. The launch site will manage to utilise the numerous resources of the MILO institute. This will happen through the Ambassador Program to benefit the maturation of critical technologies.

Another essential part of this partnership is the involvement of the Goonhilly Earth Station. The Ambassador Program delivery will have an initial focus on Isle of Scilly and Cornwall locales. Later, this will expand throughout the UK and other continents.

The hope is for all the insights gained from this program to benefit economic development in the region. This is through building a commercially viable model and can be used by the UK space industry. The UK spaceport will manage to access a global network of mission, economic, and workforce development.

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