Rocket Lab Set to Build a Top Production Facility

20th Sep 2021
Rocket Lab Set to Build a Top Production Facility

Recently Rocket Lab has managed to secure some top contracts in the space industry. The purpose of these contracts is to supply reaction wheels to crucial satellite constellations. This comes as the company now had a top production facility in line with this latest development.

On 1st September, Rocket Lab made a significant announcement that construction had begun on the production facility. The company, which is known as a top player in launch and space systems, detailed the new place was the ultimate goal achieved.

Upon its completion, the facility will produce up to 2000 reaction wheels annually. There’s a growing customer demand which it intends to fulfill. This new space will combine with the manufacturing footprint, which measures 380,000 square feet.

The production line will add unattended operation top-of-the-range optimised metal machine centres, auto-production tools, and environmental work stations that function automatically. This latest development will see Rocket Lab hire 16 more people to play crucial roles in the production line.

Rocket Lab Continues to Expand its Space System Business

The company has grand plans, and constructing the new facility is in line with this. This is part of its plans to expand its space systems business. This is stronger in large part after the enterprise got a new acquisition. Rocket Lab took over Sinclair Interplanetary based in Toronto, Canada.

Sinclair Interplanetary is a leader when it comes to the design and production of top-notch and tested satellite hardware. This includes items such as star trackers and reaction wheels. It already has about 200 of these wheels in space.

According to its CEO, Peter Beck, Rocket Lab intends to leverage Sinclair’s heritage in the industry. Sinclair will see to it that the company manages to achieve better production from here onwards.

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