Saxavord Spaceport CEO Frank Strang Announces Ambitious Plans for SaxaVord Camp

16th Sep 2021
Saxavord Spaceport CEO Frank Strang Announces Ambitious Plans for SaxaVord Camp

Saxavord spaceport CEO Frank Strang reveals ambitious plans to create an updated SaxaVord camp with accommodation for 350 people. The budget for the upcoming complex reaches £40 million and is based on the expectations that the spaceport will become operational next autumn.

Ambitious Plans for SaxaVord camp

According to SaxaVord Spaceport CEO Frank Strang, the planned facility presupposes different accommodation types, from top-end rooms to hostel beds. At the moment, Strang cannot reveal any initial designs, but he compares the project with Eden in Cornwall. Right now, the first designs have already been drafted, and the spaceport management plans to submit a construction application in the next few months.

If the project is successful, the complex will provide accommodation for spaceport staff and any tourists interested in observing rocket launches. Currently, SaxaVord Spaceport has the potential to create 140 new job opportunities at the location and 70 more in the area. The first satellite launches, should everything go according to plan, are scheduled for autumn 2022.

Frank Strang adds that SaxaVord Spaceport could become the first launch site in the UK, which is why the pressure is very high at the moment. On the other hand, the spaceport CEO mentions that he has always been a firm believer in setting the bar high, which partly explains the ambitious SaxaVord camp project.

Current Saxavord Spaceport Residents

Right now, the main resident of SaxaVord Spaceport is the UK division of an American Lockheed Martin. The company is now working on the UK Pathfinder mission for the UK government. Soon enough, the spaceport will get some prominent visits from the representatives of the Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Defence, and the UK Space Agency. Hopefully, the growing attention will help Saxavord Spaceport achieve all of its SaxaVord camp project plans.

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