The Incredible Impact of the UK’s New Regulations on the Scotland Space Industry

12th Sep 2021
The Incredible Impact of the UK’s New Regulations on the Scotland Space Industry

The UK’s space industry hits new milestones daily, and the Scottish space sector is a great contributor to this success. It became even more real when the government passed new space regulations. These are critical for the future of launches from the UK spaceports, and thanks to them, Britain will most likely see its first satellite launched from SaxaVord next year.

Why Scotland Space Sector Is As Important for the Country’s Economy

There are many acute issues the economy has to focus on, and space exploration and satellites don’t seem as important in comparison. But it’s only the first impression. First, satellites are great for export. That is why they have a special place in the Department of International Trade campaign called Made in Britain: Exported to the World. No wonder! Today’s satellites, such as those created by Spire Global in Glasgow, are small and practical and many are used for multiple purposes. They can be used for weather forecasts, studying the atmosphere, agricultural research, and bringing internet connections to new levels.

Scotland Space Industry to Create Record Number of Jobs

Besides, the UK’s Scotland space sector, in particular, is a significant source of work opportunities. It provides plenty of workplaces at research centres, space companies, launch sites, etc. In 2019, the number of Scottish organisations and companies related to the space sector increased by 31% compared to the previous year. And this growth isn’t slowing down. For example, Sutherland Spaceport will provide 44 full-time jobs as a part of 250 full-time jobs in Highlands and Islands in general.

Any new regulation has its opponents and supporters. In this case, the whole community understands that the proper legislation of the space industry is a must. Some of its issues are still controversial, especially the liability limits — as stated by Iain Stewart for the Scotsman. However, the overall effect on Scotland’s space sector is undisputed.

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