TASS Accuses NASA Astronaut Auñón-Chancellor of Sabotaging Russian Space Module

11th Sep 2021
TASS Accuses NASA Astronaut Auñón-Chancellor of Sabotaging Russian Space Module

A rumoured incident started by a NASA astronaut reportedly damaging a Russian space module Nauka (Science), is further escalating an already tense relationship between NASA and Roscosmos. As Dave Makichuk has written for the AsiaTimes, TASS published a report from an unnamed but high-ranking Russian space official stating that an American astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor had a nervous breakdown and blew eight holes in the Russian space module in an attempt to get back to Earth. At the moment, NASA denies all allegations.

TASS Allegations Against NASA Astronaut

NASA astronaut Auñón-Chancellor was treated for thrombosis on Earth, and, according to TASS, this condition could have led to a psychological breakdown that made her damage the Russian Multipurpose Laboratory Nauka. The actual incident dates back to 2018, when a hole was discovered in one of the space units. If left unchecked, this damage would have depressurised the station in weeks. However, the astronauts managed to patch the spacecraft up with ebony. However, as TASS published years later, a high-ranking Roscosmos official reported eight holes instead of one.

NASA’s Official Response to Allegations

NASA dismissed all accusations against its astronaut, claiming that all ISS partners are dedicated to mission safety. The agency added that astronauts could quickly repair the damage and that the Russian spacecraft came safely back to Earth. As to the conditions of its crew members, NASA refuses to reveal any medical info out of privacy concerns.

However, in the official statement, NASA spokesperson Kathy Lueders fully supports NASA astronaut and flight engineer Serena Auñón-Chancellor. She states that Serena is a highly respected crew member and that her professional conduct is beyond dispute. Senator Bill Nelson joined Lueders in support of Auñón-Chancellor, sharing similar sentiments over his official Twitter account. More importantly, TASS allegations against the NASA astronaut have no verified facts behind them.

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