Rocket Factory Augsburg Conducts another Successful Test

10th Sep 2021
Rocket Factory Augsburg Conducts another Successful Test

Rocket Factory Augsburg, in line with its 2022 plans, has conducted another successful test. This examination involved the RFA One craft, testing its first stage prototype. The company wanted to highlight the performance by engaging in a cryogenic pressure trial, intended to be destructive.

During this test, the company filmed the whole encounter and released it to the public. It shows the first stage separating from the craft. This took place thanks to the cryogenic nitrogen fuel. The whole encounter focused on the robustness of the welds and at what pressure level the structure falls apart.

This event is in line with Rocket Factory Augsburg’s mission to create a reusable launch vehicle. The launch vehicle’s purpose will be to carry small payloads into orbit. 2022 is meant to be a huge year since this is the timeline for launching the RFA One craft.

More Tests by Rocket Factory Augsburg to Follow

The business is determined to get the 2022 launch right, so more inspections are on the way. According to RFA, the first stage event is only the start of more core stage ones. There will be more trials before the 2022 launch.

NASA displayed a tank that got damaged in a raised configuration, and RFA made a side-by-side comparison of the two. It showed how similar the two tanks are, evident from the visual images posted on Twitter.

This recent examination follows in the footstep of another in July, during which RFA carried out an engine test, which lasted 8 seconds and used static fire to get the engine to a thermal burning state. Rocket Factory Augsburg confirmed after the trial that all went well.

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