South West Research Institute Joins Forces with Virgin Orbit after Signing an MOU

9th Sep 2021
South West Research Institute Joins Forces with Virgin Orbit after Signing an MOU

Virgin Orbit and South West Research Institute recently announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). South West Research Institute (SwRI) is a non-profit organisation that also delves into research and development. The MOU contains detailed Terms of Agreement that illustrate the purpose of this joint venture.

The two entities will look deeper into different missions, with each bringing to the table its strengths. Virgin Orbit brings the LauncherOne system while SwRI has a deep knowledge of developing specialised space missions.

Furthermore, both entities have plans to pursue joint manufacturing opportunities using the SwRI’s space platforms. This goes in line with service delivery meant to benefit Virgin Orbit customers. The partnerships are part of the company’s efforts to meet and surpass its expectations.

There’s a possibility of Virgin Orbit manufacturing SwRI’s space vehicles, which aligns with the MOU between the two. This will take place at their manufacturing facility in Long Beach, CA. In addition, this collaboration brings the possibility of the joint mission of planning and launching of satellite constellations.

Virgin Orbit Joins Forces with SwRI to Build on Recent Success

Virgin Orbit has been on a winning streak, and this collaboration is a huge addition to this, according to the company’s CEO, Dan Hart. Coming together will take the industry further and help the company upgrade its air-launch capacities.

SwRI has many capabilities when it comes to launches together with vast expertise in rockets. It will enable Virgin Orbit to have better solutions for approaching environmental issues.

In June 2021, Virgin Orbit did a successful launch which is the second one the company had managed to do. The flight will deliver payloads with small satellites. These sats belong to the US Department of Defense.

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