Jeff Bezos and NASA – a lawsuit so large the DOJ computer system crashes

7th Sep 2021
Jeff Bezos and NASA – a lawsuit so large the DOJ computer system crashes

Jeff Bezos’ NASA lawsuit is a big one

NASA has a lot of things on its hands, and Jeff Bezos’ lawsuit is the latest. It’s so big in fact that the agency’s computer system keeps crashing as it can’t cope with the enormous files! This is causing many delays for SpaceX’s contract on the Human Landing System. It’s a huge lawsuit, with over 7GB of PDFs alone – so large that Adobe Acrobat can’t combine them all without crashing.

Performance compromised

As if Jeff Bezos’ NASA lawsuit wasn’t already enough for NASA, the crashes indirectly delayed proceedings granting SpaceX an HLS contract. Unfortunately, NASA’s staff that could fix the problem were attending the 36th Annual Space Symposium. Travel to this conference also resulted in difficulties for NASA in reviewing and collecting documents. The 1st of November was going to mark the end date of NASA’s stay of SpaceX’s contract, but thanks to the Blue Origin’ NASA lawsuit madness, it’s been pushed to the 8th of the month.

Revenge from Bezos

Much like a Bond villain, Jeff Bezos has a plan in place for getting back at NASA for awarding an HLS contract to rival firm, SpaceX. A few weeks back, Bill Nelson of NASA said that their Artemis program would be further delayed by Bezos’ Blue Origin’ NASA lawsuit. In the meantime, SpaceX needs to wait patiently until their performance is over.


It’s tricky to know when things will come to an end with Jeff Bezos’ NASA lawsuit. Bezos is stressed knowing that he’s likely lost out on a contract to his company’s chief rival. Determined to push on, he will try hard and fight with this lawsuit while he can.

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