People in Space: Peter Madsen

30th Aug 2021
People in Space: Peter Madsen

One of the most controversial figures in the space industry, Peter Madsen is currently in prison for murdering journalist Kim Wall.

He was one of the founders of Copenhagen Suborbitals along with fellow Dane, architect Kristian Von Bengtson. The amateur rocket club quickly attracted a number of members and the group went from strength to strength. The club went on to build a number of rockets under the leadership of Madsen and Von Bengtson and even forayed into the manufacture of submarines.

Peter Madsen and Von Bengtson parted company in 2014, both leaving Copenhagen Suborbitals that year.

The amateur rocket club had a number of successes while Madsen was around, performing several launches from sea using Peter Madsen’s submarine to take the launch pad out to sea.

Madsen ended up in prison in 2018 after being found guilty of the murder of journalist Kim Wall onboard his submarine UC3 Nautilus.

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