Blue Origin Owned by The Richest Man Alive Trashes the Competition on Twitter

17th Aug 2021
Blue Origin Owned by The Richest Man Alive Trashes the Competition on Twitter

Blue Origin, headed by Jeff Bezos, started a new battle against its competitors… on Twitter. Anyone who follows the company’s official accounts has mentioned that there have been many jabs on SpaceX and Virgin Galactic. Why, indeed?

Blue Origin and SpaceX Furious Competition Now Pictorial

The rivalry with Elon Musk’s SpaceX has reached an unprecedented level. It has been generously spiced up by NASA. When the Agency had to pick two companies for two contracts, under Congress’s tremendous pressure and underfunding, NASA chose one — SpaceX. That’s how Musk got the opportunities to take the astronauts to the Moon and launch a spacecraft to Europa, the moon of Jupiter. Bezos criticized NASA for this decision. Together with Dynetics, Blue Origin sent a protest to The Government Accountability Office. But GAO declined it, stating that NASA violated no rules in this case. So, we saw one of the most impressive graphics trashing SpaceX’s Lunar Starship. But when you point a finger, three fingers are pointing back at you. Blue Origin never mentions that their spacecraft is almost twice as expensive as Starship. Besides, they underline that SpaceX Boca Chica launch facilities in Texas might not be suitable for orbital launch but never say that Blue Origin crafts haven’t been to orbit at all.
Blue Origin lunar starship infographic

Blue Origin New Shepard VS. Virgin Galactic Unity 22

Fine, Musk can even occasionally respond to Blue Origin with a jab of his own. But how about Sir Richard Branson? Unlike Bezos and Musk, he doesn’t plan to build settlements on other planets. He just wants to take people to space and show them around for about half a million dollars each. Yet, he had to get his jab in another graphic. The thing is, when Jeff Bezos announced he was going to the edge of space, Branson got on his Unity 22 rocket plane and reached that first. It could be a coincidence, but the graphics showing Blue Origin New Shepard’s advantages compared to Unity’s disadvantages are already on the Web.

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