$2 Bn Offer to Jeff Bezos Moon Project Might Get Second Chance

13th Aug 2021
$2 Bn Offer to Jeff Bezos Moon Project Might Get Second Chance

Jeff Bezos’ plans for Blue Origin’s moon project might still work out. The billionaire has offered Nasa $2 billion to offset the costs of the 2024 moon-landing mission on his terms, meaning Blue Origin now has a chance to get back in the moon-landing race.

Blue Origin Loses the $2.9 billion Nasa Contract to SpaceX

In April, NASA approved Elon Musk’s SpaceX to build the moon-landing system and deliver the astronauts to the lunar station. However, two companies strongly disagreed – Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Dynetics, as they were denied the contract.

According to a NASA spokesperson, the decision was grounded and well-thought. Musk’s company has shown itself from the best side in orbital missions, and the cost of their services was lower compared to the Bezos’ Blue Moon offer.

Jeff Bezos Moon Offer: $2 Billion to Get the Contract Back

Who knew that NASA would experience a massive lack of funding? Congress issued only $850 million out of the requested $3.5 billion. Jeff Bezos has concluded that it’s a great chance to be back in the game and cover the shortage if his company gets an opportunity to sign the contract instead of Musk’s.

Bezos Blue Moon Lander Pro Arguments

It seems sensible to conclude that Bezos wants this contract bad, and he’s ready to invest top dollar to get it. But does he think Blue Origin is really the best choice? If not, how is it possible to take as much responsibility? Apparently, the team of Blue Origin is sure that they will triumph over SpaceX. They underline that the design they have approved is very much like the Apollo. Moreover, this resemblance is not only superficial. Just like the legendary lander, the one designed by Blue Origin will guarantee humans’ safety. NASA might weigh the choice of Blue Moon Jeff Bezos strives for, but most experts suppose that their decision won’t be changed after all.

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