The Recent Rocket Lab Launch Completed: Electron Has Made It Again

12th Aug 2021
The Recent Rocket Lab Launch Completed: Electron Has Made It Again

Rocket Lab has made four launches this year, and the most recent one for the U.S. Space Force Mission was a tremendous success. The chances are that Rocket Lab, the US-based company with a launch site in New Zealand, will remain the government’s partner for a long time.

Rocket Lab Launch Has Not failed the U.S. Space Force Mission

No wonder the Electron rocket has achieved a favourable result and put the Monolith satellite in low earth orbit. But why is it a milestone of any kind? Because of the innovative core of the satellite. It has a deployable sensor that makes up a considerable part of the satellite’s mass. The goal is to have the sensor tried and tested, presenting valuable data for future research and small satellite development. In particular, it will be clear to which extent it is possible to control spacecraft attitude and what happens if dynamic properties of the spacecraft are changed.

Who Made the U.S. Space Force Mission Empowered by the Rocket Lab Launch Possible

Many players took part in this project. The central ones are the DoD and the Rocket Systems Launch Program. These two are located in New Mexico, which determined the choice of the mission’s name. As creative as always, the title is ‘It’s a Little Chile Up Here’. The latest Rocket Lab launch became part of the Agile Initiative, RALI.

According to Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck, RALI is essential for understanding how crucial small satellites are. He believes that programs like this will influence the development of space capabilities. In addition, Beck congratulated the whole Monolith team and thanked them for their hard work. He underlined his delight that their cooperation with U.S. Space Force Mission went well.

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