Britain Is Planning Its First Satellite Launch Site Ever for Orbex Prime

10th Aug 2021
Britain Is Planning Its First Satellite Launch Site Ever for Orbex Prime

A few years ago, a UK-based satellite launch site seemed to be an impossible dream. Yet, the new regulations the country adopted have opened opportunities to achieve this milestone. Now, the spaceport is about to start working. But it is only the first step, as the UK is not going to stop now. It kicked into high gear and has already started working on the first satellite launch site.

Jacobs Brings Space Hub Sutherland Planning to New Level

Indeed, the possibility to construct spaceports in Cornwall, Scotland and Wales has been an enormous success. The new challenges arise, but the industry won’t slow down anymore. Numerous enthusiasts are ready to invest their time, money, and workforce into developing it.

For example, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, HIE, is working on a satellite launch site. This project called Space Hub Sutherland is located on A’Mhoine Peninsula. It has gained plenty of publicity and makes a great interest for investors and prospective partners. Each of them can contribute to the project hugely. In particular, a newly added Dallas-based Jacobs can share invaluable experience in this field, being NASA’s number-one service provider. Its primary goal will be to make the basis for northern Scotland’s space cluster. In the course of the works, Jacobs will perform strategic planning and research for developing infrastructure and supply chain. The company will represent the Caithness and North Sutherland Regeneration Partnership and cooperate with the Moray defense and Dounreay nuclear sectors.

Orbex Prime Will Launch From the First Satellite Launch Site

Space Hub Sutherland will host the low-carbon fuel Orbex Prime rocket manufactured in Scotland. This rocket has an innovative engine created with 3D printing technologies and graphene-reinforced carbon fibre. The rocket launch preparations won’t take long. But even earlier than that, in 2022, the satellite launch site in Sutherland might start deploying satellites.

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