NORR designs the UK’s first satellite launch Space Hub in Sutherland, Scotland

7th Aug 2021
NORR designs the UK’s first satellite launch Space Hub in Sutherland, Scotland

NORR, Arup Engineers, and landscape architects presented the first project for the satellite launch Space Hub in Sutherland. As a reminder, Sutherland spaceport is the first facility to get planning permission. What’s the Sutherland Space Hub project about?

How’s the Satellite Launch Space Hub Designed?

The Sutherland spaceport project is going to see vehicles that carry commercial satellites launched into space for Earth observation. On this venture, NORR supports the Highlands & Islands Enterprise (HIE) – Sutherland Space Hub developer. The Sutherland Spaceport is located in a rural area, and the $21.8 million project’s significant site’s natural area presents a few challenges. There’s beautiful scenery, plenty of fauna, and flora that have been taken into consideration when building the spaceport.

Who Granted Sutherland Space Hub Planning Permission?

In 2020, the Sutherland Space Hub got the Highland Council’s consent. Gaining the approval for planning the Sutherland spaceport was obtained from the council and was a big step towards building the site. The UK’s space ambitions are a wonderful opportunity for the Highlands and Islands, as mentioned by the Director of Business Growth at HIE, David Oxley, in a press release. The vertical satellite launch Space Hub is a very important piece in the country’s national jigsaw puzzle, together with the satellites’ and launch vehicles’ manufacture and design. All together ensure that Scotland is capable of deriving the most advanced economic benefits from this exciting and growing sector. The first launch from Sutherland spaceport might happen in 2022.

In addition to the Sutherland Space Hub, NORR is also designing a horizontal launch site at Glasgow Prestwick Airport. There’s a lot of work going on at the site, as people are enduring rather harsh conditions building it. Hopefully, both satellite launch Space Hub projects will be commissioned next year.

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