Rocket Lab Community Grant Program for Non-Profit Organisations Is Launched

28th Jul 2021
Rocket Lab Community Grant Program for Non-Profit Organisations Is Launched

Rocket Lab Community Grant Program has officially been announced. The second round of funding is going to give new opportunities and open new ways of industry development. As previously, the program is strictly focused in terms of geography. Namely, it is targeted on Mahia and wider Tairawhiti and Hawke’s Bay. Here, community groups and non-profit organisations can get Rocket Lab sponsorship in a range of fields.

Who Gets a Rocket Lab Community Grant

A community or a non-profit organisation should fill in the application indicating their purpose that corresponds to several criteria to get a grant. For example, they should be a potential contributor to the communities where Rocket Lab works. Applicants should also be connected with Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM) educational programs or career opportunities. Alternatively, they might be potentially beneficial for the environment.

According to Rocket Lab’s official statement, the Department of Conservation, Mahia Golf Club, Mahisian Wave Warriors, Nuhaka School, Te Mahia School, and Rongomaiwahine Basketball have received 18,000 in donations. All these organisations, clubs, and teams are located in Mahia and neighbouring areas. This is quite impressive, but there’s more. Rocket Lab has granted 80,000 in scholarships for STEM students.

Rocket Lab Sponsors Rongomaiwahine Basketball

One of the associations that got a donation from the Community Grant Program is Rongomaiwahine Basketball. This is a non-profit organisation that supports Mahia teams in the national Maori Basketball Tournament that is held every year. To start with, Rocket Lab granted thousands of dollars to renew the uniforms of Rongomaiwahine teams. Besides, the national tournament is only the first step of this sponsorship, according to a Rocket Lab spokesperson.

Myzpah Waihi, a member of the Rongomaiwahine Basketball committee, claims that they have numerous gifted rangatahi, young people. The organisation, he continues, does its best to support rangatahi on their way to national and global basketball, and many of them have already succeeded. Myzpah Waihi adds that Rocket Lab’s help means a lot to Rongomaiwahine Basketball, and he hopes this friendship will continue.

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