The Deal Is Made: Virgin Orbit Provides Arqit Satellite Launches in 2023

27th Jul 2021
The Deal Is Made: Virgin Orbit Provides Arqit Satellite Launches in 2023

Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit is now officially the launch provider for Arqit Limited, a quantum encryption technology company based in Britain. These two companies made a deal to deploy two Arqit satellites in 2023, but their tandem will likely continue.

Why Satellite Launches Are Important for QuantumCloud Technologies

Satellite launches aren’t Arqit’s sphere of expertise for sure. Worldwide, they are known for creating their famous QuantumCloud™. This revolutionary quantum encryption solution secures any devices and networks anywhere on the planet. Today, encryption keys are delivered by Arqit with terrestrial communication systems. However, to intensify the protection they offer and bring the system to a new level, Arqit has decided to use satellites. Each satellite will utilise an original protocol on which the secure key backbone of the customers’ data centres will be based.

Arqit’s Choice of Launch Provider Fell on Virgin Orbit

And for a reason. Branson’s company offers unmatched flexibility guaranteed by air-launch with LauncherOne, and the customer can select the spaceport for every launch. Moreover, the system can adjust for accurate orbit placement.

In 2022, Virgin Orbit will start operating in Spaceport Cornwall in the UK once the facility is commissioned. Arqit sees this opportunity as a possible way to continue their partnership. In addition to satellite launches, Virgin Orbit is planning to invest $5 million Private Investment in a Public Equity fundraiser by Arqit.

The heads of both Arqit and Virgin Orbit Are Optimistic About Their Partnership

According to Arqit’s founder David Williams, the problems his company solves concern everyone globally, and the necessity of bringing their technology on a hyper-scale is apparent. In addition, he says he’s glad to be Virgin Orbit’s partner because the latter ensures the cost- and time-effective launch solutions for Arqit. In turn, Virgin Orbit’s CEO Dan Hart stated that his team would do their best to contribute to Arqit’s encryption technology enhancement in terms of satellite launches.

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