Rocket Lab Showcases Rocket-building Robot in a Video Tweet

22nd Jul 2021
Rocket Lab Showcases Rocket-building Robot in a Video Tweet

Rocket Lab sent out a tweet giving many a glimpse into its inner workings and production floor. Viewers got a chance to see a rocket-building robot that the company uses called Rosie.

Rosie can complete producing an engine in 12 hours. This puts Rocket Lab in the same league as Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit and Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

The video tweet showed the robot busy at work completing a task. This is how the company manages to produce a new Electron in only 20 days.

The Advantage of Using a Rocket-building Robot

Peter Beck, the CEO of Rocket Lab, described Rosie as a huge robot that occupies an entire room in the building. Its work is processing the carbon composite parts of the Electron, which is the workhorse of the company. Now, with the help of Rosie, it’s possible to manufacture a launch vehicle at a faster rate.

During the production process, the rocket-building robot is in charge of marking, machining, and drilling. It’s now available for the company to have a launch vehicle ready in 12 hours.

Previously, the process of building a spacecraft took years to complete. The duration was reduced to months, then weeks. Now the company takes 20 days to manufacture a complete rocket.

The company began using Rosie a year and a half ago. Now, when more launches are planned to happen soon, Rocket Lab opted to showcase Rosie, hard at work, producing more Electrons for future missions.

Despite the fast craft production, Rocket Lab is still lagging in terms of launches. It only had 10 missions in the last year and a half.

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