Cornwall Spaceport Took Part in the SPACE-COMM EXPO 2021

21st Jul 2021
Cornwall Spaceport Took Part in the SPACE-COMM EXPO 2021

Cornwall spaceport was part of the SPACE-COMM EXPO that took place at the beginning of July. It was a chance to display innovative technologies such as deep space communication devices, mission equipment testing, and satellite data application.

This was the first event of its kind to occur in the UK, and it displayed commercial opportunities of the industry. The UK space sector is worth 16.4 billion pounds now and is significant for the country’s economy.

Spaceport Cornwall is a leader in the industry after proving itself numerous times. It’s the location for one of the most capable ground stations in the world.

Another achievement is the horizontal satellite launch facility it has planned, together with many supporting enterprises. The event was an opportunity to display all the different ways it influences the supply chain. At the event, there was a public panel which was also the first of its kind. Four potential spaceports were in discussion about Spaceport Cornwall’s progress and its positive impact on the local economy.

Spaceport Cornwall Took Part in SPACE-COMM Public Discussion Panel

During the event, four of the seven planned UK spaceports engaged in a public discussion. Among the participants was Melissa Thorpe, head of Spaceport Cornwall. Her role was to share more information about the launch site and its positive impact on the economy.

Goonhilly Earth Station, the first deep space communications operator in the world, was also present. It works closely with the European Space Agency, helping to command and transfer data from various missions.

At the EXPO, Goonhilly Earth Station announced a comprehensive agreement with Intuitive Machines to support the Moon mission. Intuitive Machines is an expert in agile software and advanced systems production, propulsion, and automation. The event was crucial for UK launch ambitions as development gains momentum at the Cornwall Spaceport.

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