Skyrora Is Seeking Ideas to Retrieve the Prospero Satellite Launched in 1971

18th Jul 2021
Skyrora Is Seeking Ideas to Retrieve the Prospero Satellite Launched in 1971

In 1971, the UK sent up the Prospero satellite from Australia. It’s now defunct, and Skyrora has issued a challenge to bring it back to Earth. This is a part of British space history.

The company plans to send up more rockets into orbit from the UK and wishes to retrieve the satellite. Skyrora has part of the Black Arrow vehicle in its possession, the one that delivered the Prospero satellite to orbit.

The vehicle fell back on Earth after the mission and stayed for decades in the Australian outback. Only recently, the company retrieved it and brought it back to the UK. Now the vehicle is on display.

Skyrora in Search for Ideas to Capture the UK Space Debris

The company is on a new mission to bring back part of the UK’s space heritage. It’s seeking ideas to grab the Prospero satellite that’s no longer operational. The UK space debris weighs 66kg. Its purpose back in 1971 was to shed more light on the type of environment above the Earth.

The challenge now is bringing it back to Earth though it might not be fully accomplished. The process of delivering the satellite is fraught with challenges like how to protect it from heat as it re-enters Earth’s atmosphere.

What was once great technology is now part of UK space debris and is among much more hardware orbiting the Earth. The clutter is dangerous since there’s an increased risk of collision. Such incidences can gravely affect functioning sats in orbit.

Skyrora is determined to retrieve it and bring it back to Earth despite the challenges. The company held a reception bringing together different minds to float ideas. According to Skyrora, retrieving the UK space debris is part of its responsibility and a way to help further space exploration.

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