Rocket Lab Opens its Doors to the Public for a Worthy Cause

17th Jul 2021
Rocket Lab Opens its Doors to the Public for a Worthy Cause

Rocket Lab’s Mission Control Centre is accepting visitors on 24th July. Visitors will enjoy a screening of Moonbound, a newly released children’s movie.

The company will use this special day to celebrate its mission to the Moon that is planned for this year. Tickets are already available, and the proceeds will go to the organization OMGTech!, an organisation working towards providing resources to schools focusing on STEM subjects in the country.

Visitors will watch the movie at Mission Control Centre, where all Electron events are guided. The entire area will become a movie theatre for the day. Ticket holders will get to enjoy the movie plus the atmosphere of the launch centre while munching on some popcorn.

According to Morgan Bailey, Director of Communications, this is a fundraising event that will transform the lives of space enthusiasts. All future rocket scientists will get a chance to learn how real mission control feels like.

Space Enthusiasts and Future Rocket Scientists Get a Chance of a Lifetime with Rocket Lab

This event aims to raise funds and gives the public a chance to understand what happens behind the scene at Mt Wellington. Bailey said people are in for a surprise since the setting differs from the Apollo launches in the 60s and 70s.

New Zealanders will have a significant role to play in the launches, and the company is excited to welcome visitors. All this is to support a great cause: fund OMGTech! and inspire more young minds to consider pursuing space careers.

Vaughan Fergusson, OMGTech! co-founder, expressed appreciation for the company’s dedication to supporting the next generation. Rocket Lab gives future space researchers a glimpse into the space industry and inspiring young minds to learn and explore.

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