Elecnor Deimos’ satellite takes off on SpaceX’s Falcon9 on 30th June

13th Jul 2021
Elecnor Deimos’ satellite takes off on SpaceX’s Falcon9 on 30th June

On 30th June, Elecnor Deimos’ satellite Neptuno was launched to Low Earth Orbit (LEO). The prototype satellite for maritime surveillance was a part of SpaceX’s Falcon9 rideshare payload. Eventually, Deimos will be creating a constellation of satellites in LEO.

Elecnor Deimos’ satellite specifics

The main peculiarity of Elecnor Deimos’ satellite is that it was fully made using 3D printing. Besides, Neptuno prototype will be using other innovative technologies, including artificial intelligence and smart sensing. Neptuno is one of the first few satellites made with 3D printing.

The main task of Elecnor Deimos’ experimental satellite is to validate a complex information processing system that involves several ground stations and the use of AI. Using artificial intelligence, Neptuno should be able to detect suspicious patterns, assign dangerous profiles, and use an automatic alert system to send signals about any criminal activity.

Neptuno funding and development

The project was funded by the EU and involves creating the ground segment and a control station for satellite operations and data processing. Besides Deimos, two more companies supported by the Spanish Government – DHV technology and AEROUM – took part in Neptuno development.

Before launch, the satellite was installed to a space tug. The tug separated successfully one hour after launch, but full deployment is expected two weeks after – when the carrier reaches its required orbit.

Deimos is a trusted provider of satellite data analytics and other innovative technologies, but this Elecnor Deimos’ satellite is the first one that targets maritime security. If the prototype is successful, the company will build an entire constellation of satellites in orbit.

The Neptuno project had major support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the ESA through their development programs Smart Growth Operational Program and GSTP FLY Programme. Hopefully, Elecnor Deimos’ satellite will lay ground for a full LEO constellation of security satellites.

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