The Mahia Rocket Launch Complex by Rocket Lab is Almost Complete

11th Jul 2021
The Mahia Rocket Launch Complex by Rocket Lab is Almost Complete

Rocket Lab’s latest Mahia rocket launch complex will soon be ready to witness lift-off. Construction at the site is near completion, according to the company’s CEO, Peter Beck.

Beck sent out the tweet on Friday morning announcing to the world the company’s 2nd pad in the Mahia Peninsula. It had an image of the newly built pad as evidence of the final stage of the construction.

The strongback on the attached image is among the most crucial components at the site and is a tall structure made of top-quality steel. It will be used to place the spacecraft in to launch from the ground vertically, according to Morgan Bailey, the head of communications.

Next Step at the Mahia Rocket Launch Complex

After the installation of the strongback, a top clamp follows. Its installation will ensure the craft remains in place. The setup will take place soon.

The company intends to start using the new pad as early as September this year. The first mission is in the works as it is expected the site is complete on time. The company will have two working pads when the construction is over, putting it miles ahead of its competitors.

The plan is to use one location while the other undergoes renovation. That way, Rocket Lab keeps moving forward with missions and doesn’t suffer delays due to such situations.

So far, the location has consumed about 40 tonnes of steel and 150 cubic meters of concrete. This is what is needed to build the mount structure. The building began back in 2019, but last year delays caused construction to stall.

The new Rocket Lab pad is the same as the older one in terms of systems and layout. The Mahia launch complex shares structural similarities with Launch Complex Pad A.

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