Stuart Nash Emphasised that All Rocket Lab Launches Follow the Law

10th Jul 2021
Stuart Nash Emphasised that All Rocket Lab Launches Follow the Law

The Regional Economic Development Minister, Stuart Nash, is coming to the defence of Rocket Lab after the Green Party accused the company of sending military hardware to space.

The minister expressed that the party was confused about Rocket Lab’s mission and needed to gather more information. The Green Party submitted a Member’s bill to change the future of launches in New Zealand.

The proposed law change would cover many issues, including amending the Outer Space and High Altitude Activities Act. That would make it illegal to send military payloads into space from the country.

While discussing the proposed bill Teanau Tuiono, a Green MP, used the company as an example. Currently, all the power to stop or authorise a launch lies with Stuart Nash in his current position. The Green Party expressed that the laws at the moment had many loopholes that companies could take advantage of and engage in military missions.

Nash Refutes Green Party Claims about Rocket Lab

The minister was adamant about the work that goes into investigating every rocket launch before it takes place. All launches by the Rocket Lab company and others have followed the laws without fail.

New Zealand has strict legislation that governs every space event in the country, according to the minister. He emphasised that the US military wasn’t all about war. There were many aspects of the organisation, including a huge budget for research and development.

He explained that the country would never engage in any rocket launch that went against its interests. Before receiving Stuart Nash’s authorisation, the MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) was uncompromising about digging deep into each company and government mission.

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