Branson nips ahead of Bezos in race to space – and Jeff isn’t taking it well

10th Jul 2021
richard branson

Earlier this month Virgin Galactic announced that its founder Richard Branson would be onboard their maiden space tourism flight, which is planned to launch into space just several days before Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos is due to go into space, making Branson the first private citizen to go into space.

Amazon boss, Bezos, recently stepped back from his role at Amazon to focus more on his Blue Origin space business and until now he had planned to be the first citizen to travel into space as a tourist. He will travel into suborbit with his brother Mark and the winner of an auction who paid $28 million for a seat onboard the vehicle. However, Virgin Galactic’s recent announcement has put a damper on Bezos’ plans.

And Mr. Bezos isn’t happy about it, as a recent post on the Blue Origin twitter account suggests…

Image: Blue Origin

The Blue Origin social media team launched a comparison table, showing the supposed superiority of the Blue Origin vehicle in comparison to Virgin Galactic, comparing amongst other things, the size of the windows.

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