Sutherland Spaceport Project Has Massive Support from Young Locals Aged 18-24

9th Jul 2021

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), Sutherland spaceport developer, received planning permission in 2020. Even though the Highlands Council has received over 450 objections to the initial approval and HIE is going through a judicial review initiated by Scotland’s richest landowner Anders Povlsen, the project has plenty of supporters — especially among young people interested in the new job opportunities a spaceport in Sutherland could create.

Poll Results Supporting Sutherland Spaceport Construction

According to YouGov, a total of 85% of surveyed people support Sutherland spaceport construction. Furthermore, 94% of young people between 18 and 24 believe that job creation is the most important factor in favour of spaceport development. At the same time, approximately the same number of respondents – 91% – believe that following environmentally-friendly development guidelines is equally important. Around 88% of the respondents particularly emphasise peatland protection. Besides, 75% of surveyed people older than 24 support spaceport construction, and 72% of total respondents are interested in developing the space industry in Scotland.

The Youth’s Opinion on Opportunities Spaceport in Sutherland Brings

Several young residents openly shared their opinions about building a spaceport in Sutherland. Similar to poll results, most believe that creating new jobs will be beneficial for the region’s economy. Lara Gunn from Tongue hopes that Sutherland spaceport would inspire the next generation of residents to pursue a career in the space industry.

Born in Tongue but currently working in Dundee, Steven Reid believes that Sutherland spaceport will urge people to return to their hometown. A 23-year-old Eva Mackay shares this belief, stating that she had to relocate to Stoer because her hometown Skerray had no job opportunities. She believes constructing a spaceport in Sutherland can change this situation for the better and inspire many young professionals to live and work in the region.

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