Tyler Grinnell Joins Virgin Orbit after More than a Decade at SpaceX

7th Jul 2021
Tyler Grinnell Joins Virgin Orbit after More than a Decade at SpaceX

Virgin Orbit moves in the space industry include appointing a new VP of Flight and Launch. Tyler Grinnell, who had worked at SpaceX for more than a decade, joined Virgin Orbit at the right time. The company is busy working towards better commercial missions’ services for its customers.

His new role will be overseeing a team set to deliver better and efficient flight and launch services. The move to hire Tyler is thanks to his wealth of knowledge after holding several key positions at SpaceX.

At SpaceX, Tyler Grinnell served as Launch Engineer, Launch Lead Engineer for Instrumentation & Avionics, Lead Launch Operations Development Engineer, and Senior Manager of Launch Operations Development.

Before moving to Virgin Orbit, he was the Director of Launch and Recovery Operations.

Tyler Grinnell Joins the Virgin Orbit Team

At his former role in SpaceX, the expert was in charge of all SpaceX launch services. He worked with a diverse team that consisted of experts in different fields. There were technicians, engineers, and support teams working with Falcon 9 and Dragon. The team managed to complete 20 missions over one year, all of which were successful. At the same time, the team managed to launch and recover the first commercial astronaut’s mission.

Before moving to SpaceX, Tyler Grinnell worked for NASA and Boeing. The two entities helped shape his career. As he is joining Virgin Orbit, Tyler applauds the LauncherOne Platform. He calls it a great innovation that will contribute to lots of successful launches.

His vision is that of smooth operations that aren’t affected by different occurrences such as weather. The same will also help to avoid conflicts related to scheduling for Virgin Orbit and other providers’ launches.

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