New Dawn in Europe: EU Countries Launch the European Union’s Space Programme

5th Jul 2021

Time from now to 2027 will be a period of change and progress for the European Space Agency. The EU bloc of 27 countries has committed to developing the industry. Plans are underway to inject more capital into satellite design, orbit awareness, and safe transmission of information.

All these will be under the umbrella of the European Union’ Space Programme (EUSP). The EUSP will oversee all that the EU does together.

Expected Changes in the European Space Agency

Among the top changes underway is the relationship between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the EU. Both have differences that need addressing, including the membership of the UK. At the moment, the UK is a member of ESA but not the EU. However, the EU requires ESA for industrial procurement purposes and technical advice.

All EU members must participate in the coming phase to create a better Galileo, a satellite navigation system. Apart from that, another point of focus is Copernicus-Sentinel, a mission keeping an eye on the Earth’s state.

During the launch of the EUSP, the commissioner of the internal market, Thierry Breton, sent out an urgent message. The EU needs to move faster to secure its future in satellite technology. All across the world, countries are taking great strides to have a more prominent presence.

The only way the EU can maintain its lead was to rethink the whole industry. It’s time to be more innovative and move at a more rapid pace.

The New European Union’s Space Programme to Change the Industry

The EU needs to be more ambitious in its plans and have a more significant impact. The time for changes is now in the form of a better plan for the future. Risk-taking, dynamic thinking, and innovation will lead the bloc to a better tomorrow.

Many worry the EU is lagging as the ambitious US entrepreneurs continue to grow. Plus, China has more financial capacity to drive its ambitions. Public spending in the US is larger as compared to that in the EU.

At the same time, China is spending a massive sum on its programmes. That leaves the EU and the European Space Agency in the dust. China has a space station and has sent three astronauts to it.

The European Union’s Space Programme requires the same ambitious moves, which means there’s a need for a special summit soon.

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